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Built In Texas

Is This Worth My Time? Meet The Dynamic Duo of Beyond Interior Design

January 24, 2022

"If Beyonce can do it, I can too."

What happens when wellness, culture and design come together? You get the dynamic sister duo behind Beyond Interior Design, a full-service, modern luxury interior design firm progressively infused with innovation and Brazilian flavor, based in Dallas, Texas.

Founded by interior designer Juliana Oliveira, the firm recently introduced a game-changing, original design concept, Athlete-Centric Design™ which concentrates on transforming pro-athletes’ homes into a charging station. Created by Juliana's sister Sara who also serves as Director of Operations, this type of luxury interior design focuses specifically on enhancing professional athlete’s performance, resilience, cognitive strength, physical health, and overall efficiency while keeping in mind their life after sports.

In today's episode, the ladies discuss:

  • valuing your time and ideas
  • how good, thoughtful design can actually make us feel better
  • growing up as an immigrant and the impact it has on career and business
  • how to go all in with your business
  • creating space for inclusion in the design industry
  • getting inspired by Beyonce and Danyel Surrency Jones

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