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Built In Texas

The Rise of the Latina Entrepreneur

September 27, 2021

Even as Latinas have entered the workforce in record numbers – now with more than 12 million workers – they continue to face the largest wage gap among women. Latinas in Texas are typically paid just 45 cents for every dollar paid to White, non- Hispanic men. And the wage gap affects Latinas at all levels, from low-wage workers to executives.

As of 2018, there were 400 female Hispanic-owned businesses started every single day. Since 2007, female-owned companies have grown at a rate of over 172%.

Despite hurdles that exist, Latina entrepreneurship is growing.

Latina business owners hold the keys to future success for themselves, their families and the communities that they live, work and build in companies in.

Join us this week on Built In Texas as we explore what's next for Latina entrepreneurship in the state, how it impacts you right now and resources to help all female founders grow and thrive in the state of Texas.

We'll also introduce you to Brianna Gonzales, a young, talented, Dallas-based entrepreneur who's on a mission to amplify Latina small business owners with her curated pop up events, Social Chica.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The community-driven mission behind The Social Chica
  • Creating your own career path through entrepreneurship
  • The impact of events, even in the pandemic
  • Why Brianna is building a business in Dallas

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