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A BOLD IDEA: Meet the Founders of Color Catalog

October 04, 2021

Say hello to the Texas women behind a new project, Color Catalog, a collection of real-world images of popular paint colors, created to help you find the right paint color for your space.

Nicole Cullum is a fine artist and Dallas native with a background ranging from muralist, furniture refinisher to interior designer. She's also a watercolor artist and self-proclaimed color addict. Currently residing in New Mexico, Nicole's currently working on her wallpaper and textile line, Color Caravan.

Originally from Richardson, Texas, Laura Miner is a designer in San Francisco focusing on physical space design. She spent 4 years on the brand team at Pinterest and her first 3 years out of school at an architecture firm. She absolutely loves color and transforming physical spaces. When not designing, Laura loves creating beautiful experiences in a lush environment for her energy work clients at Reiki Patio.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The bold idea behind Color Catalog and why its co-founders are passionate about democratizing color for all
  • How to review a color deck
  • Why color matters when you work from home
  • The role creativity plays in our personal and professional lives

Co And we shout out a few incredible Texas women in design - Liz Lambert, Laura Lee Clark, Sue Bednar Long and Kara Legako.

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