Building Local Power

Building Local Power

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Why Gas Has to Go––And How Cities Can Show It The Door
October 03, 2019

Host John Farrell talks to Berkeley city councilor Kate Harrison and affordable housing developer Sean Armstrong about why cities should help residents to switch from gas to electric for their energy needs. … Read More

Podcast Share: Green Dreamer – Decentralized Energy and Natural Disasters (Bonus Episode)
September 26, 2019

This week we’re bringing you a bonus episode from our friends at the Green Dreamer podcast. The episode explores how decentralized energy grids can make communities more resilient against natural disasters, like Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.… Read More

Why Addressing the Climate Crisis at the Local Level Matters
September 19, 2019

Host Hibba Meraay is joined by Brenda Platt to discuss the climate crisis and what communities are doing at the local level to address it.… Read More

How Preemption Can Erode Democracy And What To Do About It
September 05, 2019

Host Chris Mitchell is joined by Kim Haddow for a robust conversation on preemption and Kim's efforts to get power back into the hands of local decision makers.… Read More

Is Congress Starting to Take Antitrust Seriously? (Episode 79)
August 22, 2019

Host Zach Freed is joined by ILSR's Stacy Mitchell to discuss the team's most recent efforts in fighting monopolies.… Read More

The Environment, The Economy and Equity
August 08, 2019

Host John Farrell speaks with Denise Fairchild. Denise and John delve into the connections between the environment, the economy and equity.… Read More

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Looms Large
July 22, 2019

Host Chris Mitchell interviews two telecommunications experts to get their take on the potential T-Mobile and Sprint merger.… Read More

Independent Musicians and the Anti-Monopoly Movement
July 11, 2019

Host Zach Freed is joined by Kevin Erickson, Director of the Future of Music Coalition, to talk about the music industry's role in the growing anti-monopoly movement. … Read More

Boulder's Path to 100% Renewable Energy
June 27, 2019

Host John Farrell chats with Jonathan Koehn, the Regional Sustainability Director for Boulder, CO. Jonathan explains how Boulder plans to get 100% renewable energy by 2030 and the high value of local control. … Read More

Energy Monopolies: The Dark Side of the Electricity Business
June 13, 2019

Host John Farrell is joined by David Pomerantz, Executive Director of the Energy and Policy Institute. John and David discuss how electric utility companies have become so powerful and how they use this power to protect their profits rather than the in...