Buds with SUDs podcast

Buds with SUDs podcast

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Tisha Goullaud, Peer Mom and Lead Peer Recovery Coach
May 23, 2021

Tisha Goullaud is a mother of three children and she is in recovery from a substance use disorder for over five years. Shes a Peer Mom and Lead Peer Recovery Coach at Lynn Community Health Center hel

#24 — Steven Chisholm, Professor at North Shore Community College
February 16, 2020

Mr. Chisholm is a full-time professor and program coordinator of North Shore Community Colleges Drug and Alcohol Programs. He holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University.

#23 — Dave Cave, Recovery Coach
October 28, 2019

Dave Cave is a Recovery Coach, working at Eliot CHS with a clinical background and a degree in Addiction Studies which makes him a bit of an anomaly in the field. He and I got into an interesting discussion and somewhat into the weeds around the...

#22 — Michael Cochran, Recovery Coach
October 07, 2019

Mike Cochran is a certified Recovery Coach, working at Eliot CHS and North Shore ACCS. We sat down to chat about his job, his past and the recent BSAS quarterly learning collaborative about wellness plans and how we measure success.

#21 — Round Table - RC Commission Recommendations
August 10, 2019

Richard, Dennis, Danny, and Katie sit down to discuss the final recommendations of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s Recovery Coach Commission that wrapped up at the end of July and released their findings to the public in Early August.

#20 — Round Table with Dennis, Danny, and Katie
July 06, 2019

Dennis Doris. Danny Ginivan, and Katie O’Leary join the round table discussion to talk about Governor Baker’s Recovery Coach Commission, Motivational Interviewing and answer listener mail, among other things.

#19 — Wendy Kent, Director of Behavioral Health and Prevention Programs at Bridgewell
June 22, 2019

Wendy Kent discusses Project COPE, Bridgewell, Recovery, Prevention and the history of the recovery program on the North Shore, being the first Recovery Coach Program to respond to overdoses in the Hospital Emergency Departments in the area.

#18 — Round Table: CARC, Training, Supervisors, and Vetting
June 07, 2019

Katie O’Leary, Dennis Doris and Danny Ginivan came it to follow up on the tail end of the interview with Katie in episode 17. We discuss, among other things, training, vetting, and standards for Recovery Coaches in Massachusetts.

#17 — Katie O'Leary, Director of Recovery Support Services
May 29, 2019

I sat down with Katie O’Leary, the Director of Recovery Support Services at North Suffolk Mental Health Association. We had a nice chat for most of the show and then towards the end got into an uncomfortable area that will likely show up in a future...

Dennis Doris, Recovery Coach
May 18, 2019

Dennis Doris makes his solo debut on the podcast. He has been on several round table episodes and a discussion with Tito Rodriguez. Finally, in this episode, Dennis talks about Dennis.