BubbleSort TV: True Detective

BubbleSort TV: True Detective

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True Detective S03E05: If You Have Ghosts
April 16, 2019

Still feeling the heat from the last installment, Moze & Vic are back on the case and looking into more of the explosive events in the 80s as well as the 1990 investigation. This episode wouldn't be complete without …

True Detective S03E04: The Hour and the Day
April 09, 2019

Vic & Moze's investigation leads them to possible connections between the local church and the Purcell case, giving Hays & West new people to interview as tensions in West Finger reach a potentially explosive boiling …

True Detective S03E03: The Big Never
January 29, 2019

As the mystery and plot thicken, Moze and Vic start to realize that no one is above suspicion. Their resolve to crack the case is stronger than ever as they reconvene to look over new evidence. Listen in as they discuss …

True Detective S03E02: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
January 26, 2019

With a few new leads to follow, evidence to review and some fresh subjects to “interrogate”, Moze and Vic are still working the case to see where it goes. Listen in as they discuss True Detective Season 3 episode 02: …

True Detective S03E01: The Great War and Modern Memory
January 21, 2019

The Purcell Case has devastated a family and small community as well as haunted Arkansas State Police Detective Wayne Hays and just about everyone around him for 35 years. In the opening episode to season 3 of the HBO …

Coming Soon: True Detective Season 3
January 19, 2019

Join Moze and Vic As they cover season 3 of HBO's True Detective