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Pinkerton Raid Loves Birch Beer and a Bonus Episode
February 09, 2022

When I think about [Squamscot Birch Beer] I’m so full of nostalgia from my childhood growing up in New Hampshire. Music conjures up memories from the past, but it’s certainly not the only thing that b

LadyCouch Loves It Cold and Fruity
January 15, 2022

If it's cold and fruity. We're happy with it. -- Allen Thompson and Keshia Bailey of the 12-person jam band, LadyCouch How does a band of 12 people travel around and perform shows? With lots of snacks

Texas Tamarindo: BettySoo Loves Tehuacan
January 15, 2022

For those of us who are obsessed with bubble water, the same water in a different delivery is different. It totally changes the character of the bubbles, like how long it stays fizzy, like all of that

Cold War Conspiracies in Your Kitchen: Lizzie No Tells All About Yoo-Hoo
January 15, 2022

Being denied sodas and sugary drinks as a child gave Sloane a particular affinity for unusual beverages, so a backstage conversation with Lizzie No inspired this conversation about 90s beverages from

Bubble Bottles Podcast Trailer
December 01, 2021

What's your favorite carbonated beverage? We ask music people that very question in each episode of Bubble Bottles podcast. From electric harp players pondering Cold War conspiracy theories behind Yoo