BTS (Brazilians Talking Stuff)

BTS (Brazilians Talking Stuff)

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#BTSUpcoming 01 - Yesterday
February 20, 2019

In Upcoming, we talk about what is in the future of pop culture. In this episode, the theme is the Beatles-based movie: Yesterday.

Episode 1.02 - 10 Years of Marvel Studios
February 02, 2019

In this week's episode of BTS, we talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our favourite movies, the ones we didn't like, as well as our expectations and what it means to us as fans of the MCU.  Tune in and listen to us, after all it's free! 

Episode 1.01 - The right across the world & Brazil's new government
January 31, 2019

In this episode we talk about politics. We give our views on how the world scenery is changing from a liberal to a conservative one. Focusing specially in the Brazilian government, given it's the reality we live in. Tune in and listen to us, after all it'

BTS Teaser
January 25, 2019

Get tuned and wait, weird content is coming your way.