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Brooklyn Beatdown

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Brooklyn Beatdown 172: The Marvel Masterpieces!
June 02, 2024

Stoned and Rikk are back in this marvel centric episode! Jesse was away with work and #whereisdonnie!? Rikk and Stoned talk Marvel and Fortnite!www.thebrooklynbeatdown.comStoned.ninjawww.slinkycast.comBackground music provided by YaBoySteveT http

Brooklyn Beatdown 171: Some Rodamus Action!
May 27, 2024

The bois are back for another week of nonsense. Everyone but Jesse is here this week. Doonie is here for just a little bit and then he vanishes into the unknown. Stoned shows off this weeks comic and weed haul. Rikk is here!

Brooklyn Beatdown 170 Take 2: Oops We Did it Again...We Found Doonie
May 26, 2024

Well, it happened again lol. Rikk and stoned recorded a dope 420 episode for you and it didn't record. Here's the next best thing! This time everyone is back. Including Doonie!!!!!! WE FOUND DOONIE!!! yay! Stoned.nin

Brooklyn Beatdown 169: Fuck Cybertron
May 22, 2024

The bois are back, it's been a minute. They talk about the new transformers movie, tmnt, weed and all sorts else!www.thebrooklynbeatdown.comStoned.ninjawww.slinkycast.comBackground music provided by YaBoySteveT

Brooklyn Beatdown 168: Its a Guitar Not a Bass Man!!!!
April 26, 2024

The Bois are back!!! This week they talk about the fun of VR. Jesse is in space! Rikk got a new headset! Stoned Ninja is in carbonite! Where the fuck is Doonie!? #WHERETHEFUCKISDONNIEwww.thebrooklynbeatdown.comStoned.ninjawww.slinkycast.comBackgrou

Brooklyn Beatdown 167: If you want to stay a ugly noob, you can
April 07, 2024

The boiz are back! minus Doonie! #WhereisDoonie. This week the boiz discuss the usual, weed, fortnite, comics, this time even a little bit of Xmen 97!www.thebrooklynbeatdown.comStoned.ninjawww.slinkycast.comBackground music provided by YaBoySteveT

Brooklyn Beatdown 166: He Never Uses the Same Banger Twice
March 17, 2024

Stoned Ninja and Rikk are back! OF course they are talking weed, comics and Fortnite. Stoned shows off another naughty comic book.www.thebrooklynbeatdown.comStoned.ninjawww.slinkycast.comBackground music provided by YaBoySteveT

Brooklyn Beatdown 165: He Couldn't Keep it in His Pants
March 10, 2024

The Boiz are back for another week. Well most of them. We dont got Doonie again this week. This week we are talking weed, comics, people swearing on yugi streams, shitty madam web and so much more!!!! www.slinky

Brooklyn Beatdown 164: Its like Yu-Gi-Oh! but with Titties!
March 02, 2024

Rikk and Stoned Ninja are back! Talking all things weed of course. Also an update on this season of fortnite. Stoned Shows off his Red Sea legends cards and comic. Its like Yugioh with titties!

Brooklyn Beatdown 163: Now hold on, I like Green Goblin
February 18, 2024

The bois are back for another week! All 4 of them are here until Doonie leaves! This week we discuss everything from work ethic to Spider-Man!www.thebrooklynbeatdown.comStoned.ninjawww.slinkycast.comBackground music provided by YaBoySteveT https://m.