Brokering Different

Brokering Different

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Our Training Opportunities
January 20, 2022 One of the most asked questions I receive when I am speaking with new or newer agents is “What type of training does your company provide?” I am excited to share what

Agent Support At Our Company Differentiating Factors
January 20, 2022 How does our company differentiate itself from the multiple other real estate brokerages within the upstate of South Carolina regarding our high agent support? This vi

Time Is Of The Essence
April 23, 2020

Let’s face it, being a real estate agent comes with its own unique set of challenges; finding new buyers and […]

Are The Right Tools in Your Toolbox?
February 06, 2020

I grew up with a NAVY Trained airline mechanic, father. After the military, he decided to join a commercial airline […]

The Law Of Value
November 09, 2019

In the book The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann, the first of the five laws of Stratospheric Success […]

Do Not Name The Wrong Wife
November 02, 2019

I have had the privilege of being asked to be the “best man” at a few weddings in my lifetime. […]

Stay In Your Own Lane
October 23, 2019

Years ago, in my previous Law Enforcement Career (Yes, I served the Pembroke Pines Police Department in South Florida and The Greenville City […]

Will you leave a legacy or a loser?
October 18, 2019

One of the many sayings that the late C. Dan Joyner would say to the Real Estate Agents that worked at […]