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Episode 32: Did God Use Evolution?
November 21, 2019

Can we still trust the Bible? In a world where the claims of science seem to have the final say, can we confidently assert that the Genesis account is historical fact? Join us as we speak with Charles Bultman,

Episode 32: Gospel Patrons
October 14, 2019

Behind every significant Gospel movement there has been a behind the scenes group of people hidden from view. They are business people who aren’t called to full-time ministry yet want to make a significant impact in the world for Christ.

Episode 31.5: FREE EPISODE: “North Dakota Gold”
September 17, 2019

Today we interrupt our regular schedule to give you one complete episode of the Brinkman Adventures!  Enjoy an episode of Season 7, North Dakota Gold, as our gift to you!

Episode 31: What Can A Dollar Do?
August 07, 2019

"Can God use me and my ice cream money?" John Bechtel tells how the dollar of a little girl was used to buy something that allowed more than a hundred thousand people to find Christ. John’s infectious spirit and remarkable life demonstrate that we are...

Episode 30: Boldly Go
June 21, 2019

The brave and unconventional John Bechtel comes to us from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to share what it means to be bold for Jesus in a politically correct culture. Join us as we discover how shameless persistence and God’s remarkabl...

Episode 29: God’s work around us
May 17, 2019

Is God still working today? Does He intervene in the lives of everyday, regular people? Join the hilarious John Bechtel, Asian Regional Director of Ravi Zacharias Ministries, as he recounts some of the incredible events he has lived through.

Episode 28: The Stinkhead Special
April 16, 2019

“Why is that pastor always disciplining his wife?” Today we are joined by church planter, pastor and international speaker, Jonathan Walker, as he explores the importance of cultivating the right mindset on short-term missions.

Episode 27: Phantom Flares
March 21, 2019

When one man’s story of survival is recorded as an “act of God” by the Coast Guard you sit up and listen. Meet Jonathan Walker, a pastor who thrives on adventure. Hear his story of survival in the Alaskan wilderness that inspired the episode Man Up in ...

Episode 26: Declutter and Dig Holes
February 21, 2019

Parents, are you overwhelmed and tired, weighed down by the cares of life? You are not alone! While carrying out the vital task of raising the next generation, we often find ourselves too tired or busy to offer our best. In this episode,

Episode 25: Ruining Primitive Cultures?
December 21, 2018

Today we meet with Elinor Young, a woman who beat the odds and lived among a remote tribe in Papua Indonesia. From taking on the weighty responsibility of Bible translation to seeing people freed from the darkness of cannibalism,