Bricker by Bricker - The Parents and Education Partnership

Bricker by Bricker - The Parents and Education Partnership

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Podcast Finale
June 16, 2022

This is the final episode in this four-year-old podcast series which has addressed many different aspects of the home/school partnership. In the series finale, Jamie and Carol highlight key messaging from some of their most memorable podcasts.

Addressing Achievement Gaps
June 16, 2022

Many highly respected educators have stressed that the inevitable achievement gaps will have to be addressed upon the return to in-person learning. There needs to be a comprehensive plan that outlines a multi-year commitment to address these gaps. Such a

Digital Literacy
April 05, 2022

Digital literacy is all about having the ability to access, use, create and share information and content from a range of on-line sources. Todays students are far more proficient at accessing this information, than actually analyzing its message. It is i

Financial Literacy
April 05, 2022

Financial literacy will allow our children to make sound decisions regarding money for the rest of their lives. In 2020, the Ontario government introduced the new financial literacy curriculum for students from grades 4–12. This document presents a wide r

Common Meeting Frustrations Pt 2
February 17, 2022

In January, Jamie and Carol discussed how the pandemic has erected barriers which have made home/school communication difficult for parents. In this podcast, they continue this conversation, looking at some additional meeting frustrations that parents may

Common Meeting Frustrations
January 05, 2022

As we begin another new year, the pandemic continues to have a hold on our childrens school experiences. This disruption also has an impact on parents and their ability to communicate with their childs teacher and school. In todays podcast, Jamie and C

Engaging in Communication
December 15, 2021

As parents continue to establish and re-establish connections with their childs school and teachers, its important to establish ongoing, and respectful communication between both parties. In todays podcast, Jamie and Carol discuss the whys and hows of

Re-Igniting the Home-School Connection
November 03, 2021

It is well documented that a strong home-school partnership correlates to overall student success. This partnership, in many cases, was hindered by the pandemic and the transition of many students to virtual learning. As we move forward with the 2021-22 s

World Mental Health Day - Oct 10
October 06, 2021

On October 10th, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. As children are returning to school and countries are still trying to manage the pandemic, this day has never been more important. In todays podcast, Jamie and Carol discuss mental health, warning si

Establishing Reconnections
September 29, 2021

As another school year commences, it is more important than ever that families and students re-establish their connections with the school, their teachers and classmates. In todays podcast, Jamie and Carol discuss the importance of these connections and