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Brew Ha Ha Podcast

Herlinda calling from Portugal

September 08, 2022

Herlinda Heras is traveling again, this time she is calling in from Coimbra, Portugal. It is located in central Portugal, north of Lisbon and south of Porto. It has been a university town since the Middle Ages and it still is. Its university is one of the oldest in Europe.  Herlinda is in Coimbra to judge in the Brew Coimbra Festival all weekend.

She has noticed that there are a lot of Americans in Portugal right now, on the streets and in public locales. Home prices have doubled since 2019, and Portugal is a new hot spot for Americans (and also lots of Europeans) to retire or to have a vacation home.

The Portuguese brewing industry is well developed. Also, they are known for wine and especially for Port wine. They also make Portuguese Grape Ale. One of them is the winner of the competition she judged. This show is broadcast when it is the middle of the night in Portugal, and we hope nobody from there is listening as Herlinda give a big hint as to who won the competition. The results are due to be announced tomorrow, local time in Coimbra.

Herlinda Heras is also a soccer fan and went to a game in Paris. The stadium food was disappointing, which surprised her. The international panel of judges includes judges from Panama, Britain and the Netherlands.

The grape ale that won the competition might be taken as a clue to California producers, to try making some Grape Ales too.