Breaking Banks Europe

Breaking Banks Europe

Episode 225: The Bankers’ BookShelf: Customer Centricity

April 22, 2024

The Bankers’ BookShelf is back, and this week Paolo Sironi invited Erin Taylor and Anette Broløs – Co-founders of Finthropology to delve into the essence of finance beyond mere numbers. They argue that for most people, finance serves to achieve life goals and maintain social relationships, emphasizing the human aspect of financial transactions. The conversation highlights the need for financial providers to adopt a customer-centric approach, offering solutions that people can control without expecting them to think like bankers. Paulo underscores the importance of understanding these human-centered perspectives in shaping innovative financial services. They conclude by announcing the release of Erin and Anette’s new book, ” Customer-Centric Innovation in Finance: Leveraging Human Insights to Drive Product Innovation in the Digital Age,” available on Amazon.

“The Banker’s Bookshelf” serves as a platform for critical thinking, showcasing impactful readings for curious bankers and fintech enthusiasts.

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Connect with Dr. Erin B. Taylor, Director and Co-Founder, Finthropology

Erin is an anthropologist based in the Netherlands. She specialises in how people’s financial behaviour is changing along with innovation in financial services. She holds a PhD from the University of Sydney, Australia, and has carried out ethnographic research in the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Europe.

Connect with Dr. Anette Broløs, Director and Co-Founder, Finthropology

Anette is a fintech analyst based in Denmark. She is an experienced network leader working with strategic innovation and partnerships. She holds an industrial PhD in collaborative innovation and has a background in economics. Anette has extensive work experience in finance including six years as CEO of Copenhagen FinTech Innovation and Research.