Breaking Banks Europe

Breaking Banks Europe

Episode 222: The Bankers’ Bookshelf: Digital Finance in the EU

April 02, 2024

In the second episode of THE BANKERS’ BOOKSHELF hosted by Paolo Sironi, Mario Nava (Director General of DG REFORM for EU Commission) and Thorsten Beck (Director of the Florence School of Banking and Finance at the European University Institute) discuss the recent research “Digital Finance in the EU: drivers, risks, and opportunities”. The episode delves into the establishment of the EU-SFDA, an initiative promoted by the European Commission to enhance financial supervisory expertise in coping with advancements in technology. Mario and Thorsten emphasize the importance of fostering trustworthy artificial intelligence to uphold fundamental rights and safety standards. Furthermore, they explore the challenges and risks associated with decentralized finance, cybersecurity, and the need for resilient business models that adapt to fast digitalization changes. The dialogue with Paolo highlights the significance of dynamic knowledge acquisition for supervisory authorities and stresses the social aspect of transformative policies to ensure inclusion and societal benefit across the EU. Ultimately, the episode encourages continuous critical thinking and exploration within the realms of banking and finance.

Connect with our guests:

Mario Nava is the General Director of EU Commission leading the DG for STRUCTURAL REFORM SUPPORT to assist EU member states in the implementation of technical and structural reforms.

Thorsten Beck is the Director of the Florence School of Banking and Finance at the European University Institute.