Breaking Banks Europe

Breaking Banks Europe

Episode 223: News From The Fintech Front (March 2024)

April 08, 2024

Another month, another “News From the Fintech Front.” In Episode 223, March 2024 unfolds with the latest in fintech, hosted by Elizabeth Kleinveld. Joined by Oana Ifrim, Lead Editor at The Paypers, and David Gyori, CEO of Banking Reports London, the episode delves into the industry’s hottest topics.

Discussions center around the transition from cash to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), Capital One’s acquisition of Discover, and its implications for competition and fintech. The episode also explores the EU’s instant payments regulation and its challenges for banks, GoCardless’s acquisition of Nuapay for addressing new use cases, and the evolving landscape of digital disruption and adaptability for survival.

Moreover, increased regulation affecting Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) businesses, banking anomalies like Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s glitch and talent shortages, and innovative solutions like “Monzo Mafia” startups automating coding processes are thoroughly examined.

Lead Editor, The Paypers

CEO of Banking Reports London