Breaking Banks Europe

Breaking Banks Europe

Episode 194 – Ecosystem Zoom-In: The Danish Case

September 20, 2023

Join us on a captivating journey through the heart of Nordic innovation in the world of finance! In this episode, we dive deep into the Danish fintech ecosystem with two visionary leaders. Thomas Krogh Jensen, the nordics very number one thought leader and CEO of Copenhagen FinTech, and Ken Villum Klausen, the trailblazing Founder and CEO of Lunar, Denmark’s very own unicorn. Discover how the Nordics, knownly the cradle of tech innovation, have seamlessly extended their prowess to financial services. We explore the delicate balance between corporate and personal success that the Nordics have perfected for decades. Together, we unravel the brilliant tapestry of the Scandinavian and Danish fintech ecosystem, setting the stage for the upcoming Nordic Fintech Week, where our very own host, Matteo Rizzi, will take the stage as a speaker. Tune in for a thrilling blend of insights and inspiration!

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Meet our guests:

Ken Villum Klausen: Founder & CEO at Lunar

Thomas Krogh Jensen: CEO, Copenhagen Fintech