Breaking Banks Asia Pacific

Breaking Banks Asia Pacific

Episode 13: YOLO: Is the activist mindset hitting banking yet? 

August 16, 2023

There’s a whole movie coming out about the YOLO investing that really messed up some hedge funds and short sellers in 2021. Could we one day expect a movie (we’d even be ok with a made-for-streaming series) about the same kind of you-only-live-once, grassroots take down of… banking? 

Dr Usman Chohan says that attitude is already here, with just as many get-rich-quick fireworks that accompanied the Gamestop and AMC phenomenons. You’d know it as crypto. He says the disenchantment that fed the investing trend and the desire for decentralised finance is only just getting started. 

This episode was produced by Rachel Williamson and Charis Palmer, with music credits to BalloonPlanet.