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Special Episode: The Fall of Privacy Shield
July 20, 2020

Breaking news on Breaking Banks: Europe’s Court of Justice has moved to strike down EU-US Privacy Shield. For this special episode, Dara Tarkowski and Ajit Tripathi join Jason Henrichs to discuss the decision and what this means for thousands of compan...

Episode 346: Silo Busting with EMERGE Everywhere
July 17, 2020

Join us for this exciting episode of Breaking Banks! We are introducing the newest addition to the growing family, the EMERGE Everywhere podcast hosted by Jennifer Tescher President and CEO of the Financial Health Network.

Episode 345: Mega Trendlines & Braving Regulation in Finserv
July 10, 2020

In this episode of Breaking Banks, host JP Nicols is joined by Dara Tarkowski Attorney and Managing Director of Actuate Law; as well as, the host of the Tech on Reg podcast on Media. They discuss the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s la...

Episode 344: The Black Banker: The Real Color of Money
July 03, 2020

Let’s begin with a sobering fact: According to the CFP, Blacks and Latinos make up less than 4 percent of certified financial planners in the United States. We will explore this reality and many more in this week’s episode where Jason Hendrichs is join...

Episode 343: The Next Era of Digital Growth in Banking
June 26, 2020

In this episode, Chloe James, Bryan Clagett, and James Robert Lay join Brett King to discuss strategic bank marketing during COVID-19 and to explore the importance of finding the right formula to make huge gains in digital efforts.

Episode 342: Currency Wars
June 19, 2020

In this week’s episode, we have the return of show regulars Dave Birch (Author of the Currency Cold War), Jo Ann Barefoot (Founder of The Alliance for Innovative Regulation), and Michael J Casey (Chief Content Officer,

Episode 341: Digital Rockstars
June 12, 2020

Fintech has gone from sideshow to the mainstage. Digital is no longer the accompaniment to soloist. Today on the show - Peter Ramsey just won the American Idol of fintech when he documented the user experience opening 12 bank accounts in the UK.

Episode 340: Good Policy, Good Banking
June 05, 2020

The novel coronavirus isn’t just a health pandemic, it is highlighting critical social and economic issues. Nowhere is this more apparent than the paycheck protection program. Today on the show we talk about lessons learned from the last crisis,

Special Episode: Breaking Banks and Crypto Capsule Collaboration
June 02, 2020

Changpeng Zhao, aka “CZ”, CEO and founder of Binance joined us for this special Breaking Banks and Crypto Capsule Collab. Brett King, Henri Arslanian and Ajit Tripathi had an interesting and insightful conversation with CZ about the future of the crypt...

Episode 339: The Infinite Retina
May 29, 2020

In this week's show, regular contributors Robert Scoble and Brian Roemmelle are back, with Robert's co-author on his latest book, Irena Cronin joining us also. Katie King (aka Miss Metaverse) sits in the co-hosting chair as a fellow futurist.