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Episode 479: Fintech Musings From The Firepit
February 02, 2023

Live from AOBA (Acquire or Be Acquired Conference)! As bank leadership and executives focus on strategy & growth, explore paths to creating more value and the evolving competitive landscape, Jason Hen

Episode 478: Jack Be Nimble in Skinny Jeans & Meet Breaking Banks APAC
January 26, 2023

In This Episode Rising competition, changing customer expectations, and the fight for talent are top of mind these days. With possible regulatory changes and economic fluctuations, its essential t

Episode 477: Breaking Traditions & Future of Money and Identity
January 19, 2023

The U.S. can be a tough and complex regulatory environment. Listen as Brett catches up with Peter Hazlehurst, Co-Founder and CEO, Synctera. Peter's background with Uber Money, consumer payments at Goo

Episode 476: Bank Mergers in the Garden of Good and Evil
January 12, 2023

In this Episode: As the costs of meeting customer expectations and competitive pressures continue to rise, more banks are considering mergers and acquisitions to gain scale and stay relevant, but t

Episode 475: Outlook 2023 with Industry All-Stars
January 05, 2023

It's an epic episode as Breaking Banks kicks off its 10th year. This week we offer you a megamix and extended play as Jason Henrichs, Brett King and JP Nicols chat with 10 industry all-stars about wha

Episode 474: Ringing Out 2022: What did we get right? What did we miss?
December 29, 2022

For the last show of 2022 we end the year by looking back at how we started it. Brett, Jason, and JP made some 2022 predictions, listen to find out just how clear their crystal balls were. Spoiler

Episode 473: OK, Zoomer: Banks aren’t Ready for Generation Z
December 22, 2022

Banking leaders arent confident that they have the tools in place to effectively serve Generation Z customers, those born between 1997-2012. David Stillman, Founder of GenGuru and co-author of Gen Z

Episode 472: Timing Is Everything
December 15, 2022

In venture timing is everything, it can make you or crush you. Listen as host Amber Buker speaks with former entrepreneur, CEO, current investor, active board member for public companies, and General

Episode 471: Can You Hear Me Now? Regulators Speak Up
December 08, 2022

Regulatory scrutiny as it relates to banks and fintech partners is starting to get hot as regulators get more vocal. This week on Breaking Banks, Jason Henrichs covers this and more with his guests Ki

Episode 470: Dystopian vs. Utopian
December 01, 2022

Host Jason Henrichs kicks today's episode off with song it's not to be missed and neither are the conversations with Michael Kitces, Nerd's Eye View and then Theodora Lau, Unconventional Ventures. T