Brazen, Conscious & Contagious with Jennie Powell

Brazen, Conscious & Contagious with Jennie Powell

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Prioritizing what We Value in our Lives
July 29, 2019

In our newest episode, Jennie shares the specific strategies she’s been practicing in her own life to identify and tackle her top priorities. Along the way, she teaches us to accept ourselves with kindness and compassion. Follow on T...

How Our Thoughts and Feelings Can Affect Our Physical Health
July 15, 2019

Coping skills are essential for helping us stay healthy. Preoccupation with our worries can compromise our immune system and harm our physical health, and yet our minds often focus on our worries in an attempt to retain control over challenging time...

Letting Go of Our Fixation on Finding a Cure for What Ails Us
July 01, 2019

Celebrate the art of living in the now. In this episode, Jennie draws on her decades of experience as a holistic care provider to compassionately share skills for living with chronic pain or terminal illness, including insights for caregivers and lo...

The Health Trend Trap
June 17, 2019

Jennie Powell draws from her career as a health coach and healthcare practitioner in various disciplines including massage therapy, yoga, and belly dance to give us practical tools for analyzing  which health trends may be helpful to integrate ...

Putting Our Well Being First
June 03, 2019

Many nineties television fans still fondly chuckle at the memory of Lisa Kudrow getting big audience laughs in the series pilot of Friends when her character Phoebe responds to a request from David Schwimmer's Ross without missing a beat: "...

Finding the Courage to Ask for Help to Save Our Own Lives
May 20, 2019

Our show is always about practical tools and strategies for comebacks, and in this episode Jennie opens the gates wide open on sharing her personal journey of recovery. This episode contains mention and/or discussion of domestic violence, emotio...

What Our Relationships Have To Do With Living Healthy
May 06, 2019

In lucky episode 7, Jennie Powell uses her trademark blend of candor and compassion to guide us through navigating our friendships, including when they evolve. This episode is so resonant we predict you will want to listen more than once...

Laughter as Medicine
April 22, 2019

Jennie Powell candidly shares how healthy healing laughter plays a vital role in her life journey.  This episode is dedicated with much love to Tricia Monteilh, to Sue Varner, and to Jennie's sister Cheri Wix.Follow on Twitter...

Self Acceptance and Energizing Our Will to Keep Goaling
April 08, 2019

Our show is designed to help you navigate real life. Sometimes, real life can be really tough. Jennie Powell candidly shares in this episode how she has overcome her toughest days and teaches us coping skills that will help us continue setting goals...

How Comparison to Others Hinders Our Self Esteem
March 25, 2019

In this episode, Jennie Powell meets you where you are with practical coping techniques for navigating life joyfully and in all circumstances. Jennie brings a compassionate fresh perspective to the topic of comparison traps and teaches us how our ph...