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Esteban Patino And The Illusion of Language
November 01, 2023

Joe and Matthew visit Esteban Patino in his Atlanta studio. A book recommendation is passed along, and ancient cultures are considered. His personally developed system of symbols is explored. A strate

Mike Stasny Cares Deeply.
August 21, 2023

Artist dynamo Mike Stasny hosts Joe and Matthew in his creative space in Underground Atlanta. Serving as a venue, gallery, studio, and performance space, the three explore the idea that the space may

Artificial Curation
July 06, 2023

Joe and Matthew explore the results of an experiment using ChatGPT technology to curate contemporary art shows. Sharpen that pencil and get your notepad ready: Three concepts and batches of artists fo

Institutional Fatigue
June 06, 2023

Joe and Matthew discuss both positive and negative museum experiences, paving the way for a wider discussion of recent events in the contemporary art world. An arts reading assignment continues. The B

MaDora Frey And The Search For The Sublime
March 14, 2023

Artist MaDora Frey joins Joe and Matthew at her 2023 installation in whitespec at Atlantas Whitespace Gallery. They discuss her journey from painting and the influences on her work, including the uni

. . . And We’re Back
February 23, 2023

In their triumphant return for a fourth season, Joe and Matthew review an art review, discuss some shows, and hit some high points of a cultural fact-finding mission. Trends in interior decorating are

The Post-Pandemic Hybrid Episode
March 31, 2022

Joe and Matthew sit down to discuss their arts reading stacks. A bit of nourishment for the creative life is offered. A book review is reviewed. Recording locations are swapped, resulting in the first

Nothing Being Wasted With Masa Sasaki
October 15, 2021

Ceramicist Masa Sasaki joins Joe and Matthew. Together, they discuss the differences between pottery and ceramics. Masa sheds light on the steps in the process. Form versus function is explored. Masa

Moving On . . .
September 19, 2021

Joe and Matthew discuss the compartmentalization of creativity. They catch up on the often dreaded life event of moving studios, houses, and art. Recent experiences and the best and not-so-great

Looking Up With Suzana Brborović
July 10, 2021

Painter Suzana Brborovi joins Joe and Matthew for a conversation about her practice and studio life in Leipzig. Architecture, politics, and socio-economic factors in her work are discussed. Layers ar