Bottomless Mimosas

Bottomless Mimosas

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4 - Money Matters
May 02, 2019

In today's episode we are talking about moneyyyyy. money money money.  Money can play a huge factor into the success or failure of a relationship.  Not because of how wealthy someone is or is not, but because of one's mindset concerning money. &

3 - Love is a Contract
February 14, 2019

Is unconditional love a real thing?  Sarah Jane goes over how this idea is a very unrealistic expectation.  Article mentioned is "To Stay in Love Sign on the Dotted Line."  What are your thoughts?  Follow on instagram at @sjlamberth al

2 - Long Distance | The Reality
January 31, 2019

Welcome to the second episode of Bottomless Mimosas! Today's topic is going to be long distance relationships and the reality of the work that goes into them.  YouTube vlogger Sarah Jane Lamberth goes into detail about how long distance takes commitm

1 - Man Hunting Season
January 23, 2019

Hello Mimosa drinkers! Welcome to the very first episode of Bottomless Mimosas!  For our debut we are going to talk about the art of man hunting.  People always say that men are the hunters, and to an extent they are.  Sit back with your mi

Bottomless Mimosa Trailer
January 23, 2019

Join vlogger Sarah Jane Lamberth on Tuesdays for bottomless mimosas! Sarah Jane goes into detail about relationships and dating in the modern dating sphere.--- Support this podcast: