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Introducing: Exploring Kabbalah
April 11, 2024

Check out this new series from JTS Podcasts, Exploring Kabbalah. Dr. Eitan Fishbane shares the complext history of Jewish mystical thought from the Torah to Hasidism.  Subscribe now: RSS: https://www

Introducing The Evolution of Torah: a history of rabbinic literature
November 27, 2019

Episode 1: Who Were the Rabbis? What led to the emergence of the group of scholars and teachers we call the Rabbis? What motivated them and what did they value? The Rabbis looked to their forebear, Hillel, as an exemplar of religious leadership, and...

Introducing What Now? A JTS Podcast
June 02, 2019

In this opening episode of JTS’s new podcast, What Now?, host Sara Beth Berman tells her story and speaks with Professor Alan Mittleman. Dr. Mittleman shares his own experiences with loss, framing tragedies as taking place in a world that is...

8: Looking to the future
October 26, 2018

Neil Gillman, professor of philosophy at JTS, made it his mission to encourage generations of JTS students, as well as countless members of the Jewish public, to develop their own theologies, rather than relying exclusively on the giants of the past...

7: Hearing women’s voices and moving “from path to pathlessness”
October 19, 2018

Jewish feminism has been a major influence on Conservative Judaism since the 1970s. Judith Hauptman, professor emerita at JTS, has brought her deep knowledge of rabbinic literature to developing new positions on women’s halakhic obligations. Mara...

6: Finding God through the “leap of action”
October 12, 2018

Both Mordecai Kaplan, the rationalist, and Abraham Joshua Heschel, the mystic, believed that Judaism compels us to make the world a better place. Kaplan was committed to the ethical practice adopted by the Jewish People throughout our history, while...

5: American Judaism in the mid-20th Century
October 05, 2018

In identifying the aspects of Judaism that he considered compelling for modern American Jews, Mordecai Kaplan focused on the human part of Judaism: community and folkways, rather than commandments and spirituality. In contrast, JTS professor Abraham...

4: A Judaism OF the people
September 28, 2018

If Judaism can change, what must remain constant? Solomon Schechter, who became the President of JTS, identified the core elements of Judaism that unite all Jews who are part of the tradition, across ideologies and across time. Mordecai Kaplan, a...

3: A Judaism BY the people
September 21, 2018

Once Zacharias Frankel and other historically-minded scholars had affirmed that Judaism has always been changing, a question presented itself: How does Judaism change? Frankel and Solomon Schechter, then a lecturer at Cambridge University, both saw...

2: History and halakhah
September 13, 2018

Moses Mendelssohn had already acknowledged that Jews in the modern era can make choices about how to practice and believe in Judaism, or whether to keep it at all. A range of choices then emerged in response to this new freedom, including...