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Episode 12 w/Mazi Enti
March 30, 2019

Boozy Radio is here with an opportunity to cook things up with our special guest Mazi Enti, owner of Scuzzis Italian Grill. Voted one of the "Best Restaurants in the City", we sit down with Mazi to discuss topics such as how he built Scuzzis from the grou

Episode 11
March 20, 2019

Thanks for tuning into another episode of #boozyradio and joining us is a very special guest, Adam Fleming from the San Antonio Parks Foundation! . . We're talking about the major projects being complete around the city, The Chaparral Music Festival and h

Episode 10
March 08, 2019

Thank you to the dudes and gals who've listened to the previous 9 episodes, and we absolutely LOVE bringing you this content through the podcast! Here's to you

Episode 9
March 06, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of Boozy Radio, this is the SPORTS CLIP

Episode 8
March 01, 2019

Boozy Radio is alive and well with this Episode 8 as we bring you a very special guest, Sierra Vieja Tequila and La Antigua Rolling Bar. Today's podcast, we're sipping tequila and taking shots while learning things like how its made and the different type

Episode 7
February 24, 2019

Ladies and gentleman, we're doing a ROOFTOP podcast on the BEAUTIFUL rooftop patio at the Agave Apartments in downtown San Antonio, Texas.  . . . Join us for a special episode as we get to talk things from the local music scene, burlesque and make up

Episode 6
February 23, 2019

Join us for our first car-cast (podcast in a car)! On the way back from Houston to San Antonio, we're recording this on the way home!  . . . Today we're talking a cliche topic, but lets get motivational. I'm keeping it short and sweet while building

Episode 5
February 18, 2019

Y'all we did our first video podcast... ON THE RIVER WALK!! . . . Join us with our special guest Isaiah Hermes(on twitch @thamessiah420) as we talk things from video games, Danny Greens Hennessy problems and who's the ultimate fighter. 

Episode 4
February 15, 2019

TGIF everybody and we're sorry for the delay in our recording this last podcast! We have no excuses, but we did get all caught up at our Valentines party last night. Great time! . . . Today we're talking about everything from your Valentines Day and bans

Episode 3
February 07, 2019

Good evening San Antonio and HAPPY THURSDAY! We're getting together for another episode of #boozyradio and boy let me tell you, I'm excited for it. WHAT A TREAT! I finally got my damn sound fixed and you'll hear it from the get! . . . On another note, tod