Bombastic with Imani Wilson

Bombastic with Imani Wilson

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Episode 25: Happy Disney Plus Day
November 12, 2019

Host Imani Wilson wows the crowd with his enthusiasm regarding the Disney + launch and all that he looks forward to on the platform, so much so that he forgot to mention how much of a sellout he believes he ISN'T for enjoying a chemically induced chicken

Episode 24: Remembering The 5th of November
November 06, 2019

Imani hosts a bit of story time as he goes back and dives into a bit of history regarding the "Gun Powder Plot" and the cultural significance of Guy Fawkes in pop culture and what it means today...all while holding ourselves responsible for the monsters w

Episode 23: Spooky Things Happen Youre Sleepy
October 29, 2019

The night grows cold and dark as host Imani Wilson fights the urge to sleep like Christian Bale in the machinist.  I talk about why my favorite movie of the year isn't a superhero movie (F**k you Scorsese), Why I chose The Outerlands over the new Cal

Episode 23: New York Comic Con 2019 in Review
October 10, 2019

New Season? No Problem!  Check out as I briefly recap my four days of the good, the bad and the outrageous highlights of New York Comic Con 2019.  From a reality star crashing in my hotel room, to my predictions of the best, strangest and obscur

Episode 22: End of The Summer Countdown
August 06, 2019

ENTER SEASON 2! Episode 22: End of The Summer Countdown Host Imani Wilson covers the summer's greatest and lamest offerings, violence in video games and an end of the summer to do list. --- Support this podcast:

Episode 20: Detective Pikachu, I CHOOSE YOU!
May 09, 2019

The 20th Episode featuring host Imani Wilson serves as a reminder for the two final remaining episodes of Game of Thrones but also welcomes the warm nostalgic delight of Pokemon and Detective Pikachu to save us from all the drama between Game of Thrones a

Episode 19: Glass Case of Emotion
May 07, 2019

Host Imani Wilson FINALLY covers Avengers: Endgame and what he believes is a new way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to expand infinitely. Also, Episode 20 might be the first of amazing free GIVEAWAYS of some Pop Culture Related Art during the next stre

Episode 17: I Got The Blues
April 30, 2019

#SonicTheHedgeHog #GameofThrones #NBAPlayoffs #WorldWarZGame #NFLDraft #bombasticpod *SPOILERS AHEAD FOR GOT, NO SPOILERS FOR END GAME* YouTube Video Link: Host Imani Wilsons covers 90s nostalgia with the new #SonicTheHedgeh

Episode 16: The End is Near
April 25, 2019

The battle of all battles is among us with Game of thrones at the half way mark of its final season, Avengers Endgame and the high drama of the 2019 NFL Draft, who will survive, who will die and whose getting drafted to the Miami dolphins? Imani's Instagr

Episode 15: Happy Birthday
April 17, 2019

Host Imani Wilson celebrates his 29th birthday with a podcast covering Beyonce, Old Buildings on Fire, Overwatch Updates and PS5 Specs and Speculation!Video Podcast: Support this podcast: