8. Sherrill Kinsler Gilford of RSVP Events & Happy Hanukkah

December 15, 2020

Anthony Bollotta and Alex Apostolidis are back and we are in the midst of the Holiday Season. Alex talks about hiding Christmas and Hanukkah gifts and Anthony talks mitzvahs. They are joined today by event maven and established planner Sherrill Kinsler Gilford the founder of RSVP Events. They talk mitzvah market, crazy event stories and how to handle clients that just don't care about social distancing. Sherrill lets us know what she is good at and how she can pull an event together with the visions in her head. They talk about BESA (Bar/BatMitvah Event Service Association), MITZ TV, socially distanced solutions and hybrid social events.

IF I WERE A RICHMAN performed by Anthony Bollotta & Jorge Luis | Music Director: Rayme Sciaroni

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(this interview was recorded early 11/04/2020)