Brick Moon Fiction - BMF Podcast

Brick Moon Fiction - BMF Podcast

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Something Horrible by Tony DiGerolamo
October 14, 2019

Hey hey, it’s that time of year again! Y’know when we do the really scary stories? Well, we’re going to start you off with a curveball. […]

Diminishing Returns by Jason D’Aprile
October 02, 2019

Hey, guess what? We lied. We are liars. We thought last week was the end of our “Let’s Get Small” collection, but it turns out there […]

Threescore Years and Ten by JB Toner
September 27, 2019

That’s ‘Small’ folks! Yes, it is our final entry in the “Let’s Get Small” series and for our last outing JP Toner plunges us into the […]

White Flags by Jack Moody
September 17, 2019

The President of the United States wakes up inside a terrarium. And that’s all we’re going to tell you about this story. You’re just going to […]

Let’s Get Small by Eli Edelson
September 05, 2019

New month, new theme! Okay, we went big over the summer. HUGE. I mean, we took you to the freaking moon. So now that fall is […]

Errors of Lunatics by Bryan Aiello
August 28, 2019

We conclude our series of lunar–themed stories with this epic story from Bryan Aiello. “Errors of Lunatics” is a sweeping tale of ambition, childlike wonder, and […]

Moon Shot by Jason D’Aprile
August 13, 2019

Out of this world action. Literally. We continue our month–long journey to the dark side of the moon, this time our ship is piloted by the […]

Lunar Threat by Kelseigh N
August 01, 2019

To the moon! In honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, we decided to take a peek into the future of the very first […]

Eternal Silence by JB Toner
July 23, 2019

Well, we have a very timely and appropriate new theme for the next few short stories. 50 years after the first Moon Landing we decided to […]

Children of the Red Feathered Ga by Bryan Aiello
July 06, 2019

We conclude our series on “Denial,” and must admit it’s stories like this that really illustrate just what a talented group of writers we’re working with […]