Bluefield 30 in 30

Bluefield 30 in 30

Instilling A Culture Of Care with Heath Hamilton

May 15, 2020

Universities and technical colleges teach a lot of valuable things that can be utilised in the workplace but there are some essential skills that simply can’t be taught in a lecture theatre. The values of hard work, understanding priorities, taking care of people, these are things that must be learned through experience.  Knowledge can be gained, but if people aren’t taken care of, a workplace will struggle to thrive.

Today’s guest is Heath Hamilton and his life is a great example of someone who has taken an alternative route, gaining his depth of knowledge through life experience.  Struggling with dyslexia, he left school at the age of 13 and began working on his family farm.  With an inherent love for machinery and doing things with his hands, he developed a keen interest in trucks which eventually led him into a long and successful career in the mining industry.

In his farming days, Heath was fortunate enough to be surrounded by good people who taught him the ropes and helped to bring out his strengths.  In those early years, he learned the importance of valuing people and recognising what each individual can bring to a workplace.  In this episode, Heath shares some of his invaluable pieces of wisdom gained through hard work, observation and good old fashioned experience.