Bluefield 30 in 30

Bluefield 30 in 30

Focusing On The Fundamentals with Adrian Bancilhon

April 20, 2020

Adrian Bancilhon commenced his mining maintenance career in Western Australia though has enjoyed the last decade on Australia’s east coast. He has experience working with iron, ore, copper, aluminium, gold, and coal and has worked in roles from the shop floor up to the general manager of maintenance.

With a perfectionist trait, he is never satisfied with ‘good enough’ and continually analyses and questions the status quo. There is a relentless quest for improvement, efficiency, safety and all done with a can-do attitude. Amongst this critical analysis is an appreciation of people, culture and practises unique to any mining organisation, and Adrian touches on the importance of being informed of these when starting any management relationship.

Further to this, Adrian talks candidly about his worst experiences as a maintenance manager, a serious workplace accident, and the difficulties he has faced with general managers. Take 30 minutes out of your day to hear from Adrian and learn from his 30+ years of experience in mining maintenance.




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