Bluefield 30 in 30

Bluefield 30 in 30

Introducing Peer Review to Improve Maintenance Productivity with Eric Dousi

August 13, 2019

Eric Dousi has been in the mining and petrochemical industries for more than 30 years with vast experience around the globe in many different areas. He started out in the Merchant Navy, moved into petrochemicals, and then went back to University. His first official foray into the mining industry was through a role in the Global Maintenance Network after completing his degree and he has since gone on to become an expert and a leader in developing programs like FLAC, fuel, lube, air, and coolant cleanliness programs and operational readiness projects on major greenfield projects around the world.

This varied background has given Eric the opportunity to look at how maintenance is done across several industries and acquire a broad experience base which has helped him succeed in his career.

We’re sure that you will take plenty of learnings from this conversation and this will give you the knowledge to employ the insights learned here in your organizations to get more from your assets.

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