Rising Tide: The Ocean Podcast

Rising Tide: The Ocean Podcast

Rising Tide #60 – In Depth with Farah Obaidullah

July 04, 2022

In this episode we talk with Farah Obaidullah about her life traveling our ocean planet, her years as Senior Oceans Campaigner with Greenpeace and her founding of Women4Oceans bringing gender justice and equity to the ocean community.  We also discuss her work as a leading figure in the global fight for a moratorium on deep-sea mining and how that battle’s proceeding.  So, lots to cover and well worth the listen.       

Rising Tide, the Ocean Podcast is co-hosted by Blue Frontier's David Helvarg and the Inland Ocean Coalition's Vicki Nichols-Goldstein. This podcast aims to give you information, inspiration and motivation (along with a few laughs) to help understand our ocean world and make it better. The ocean is rising, and so are we!

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