Blk + In Grad School

Blk + In Grad School

Ep. 76 The Research Her w/ Elissia

September 03, 2019

Elissia is a 4th year PhD student in Chemistry and Lipidomics and the creator of ResearchHER. From her first visit at Purdue, Elissia immediately knew she wanted to be in a space where she was truly comfortable.  She didn’t want to be the first black woman in her PhD program and she was hesitant to introduce herself to professors because she didn’t feel like she wouldn’t measure up. That didn’t stop her and when Elissia discovered a professor’s research that she found herself connected to everything started to click.

“The only way to get past my insecurities is to talk about them freely.”

Coming from the Southside of Chicago Elissia quickly realized there are different ways to approach a conversation and while in undergrad.  That was a tough lesson. By navigating her new found tone, Elissia learned the conversation finesse while still commanding respect. In finding her voice, she also learned how to find a structure within her PhD program that would sustain her success throughout her grad school experience. “You take your education in your own hands.”


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