Blk + In Grad School

Blk + In Grad School

Ep. 61: Your Success is Inevitable w/ Yusef

March 26, 2019

“I had so much pressure on myself and I was putting pressure on the circumstance and the environment and I was not having fun.”

Changing your approach from demanding results to living in your craft is the secret sauce to inevitable success.  Being attached to how things turn out and really focusing on the feeling of the experience. Finding joy in the expansion of process and living in it and embracing it and letting go of the outcome. Your success does not always rest on your shoulders.  Yusef describes that through his auditioning process he focused on his skills and initially only relied on his craft. By tapping in to the network around him, channeling his frustrations through his mentor, Yusef was able to shake off some of his personal burden and get back to living in the joy of doing what he does best.  Managing his “brain space” Yusef was taught to provide room to manage the multifaceted work of a MFA student ultimately surrendering to his process rather than fight it.

“There was a similar feeling that I had earlier in life that I didn’t know how to deal with or dealt with incorrectly and in grad school I dealt with it and I was taught to deal with it in a way that provided room.”


Never forget to stay true to your craft and consistently remember this success in your life was inevitable from the start.  CLASS IS IN SESSION!