Blk + In Grad School

Blk + In Grad School

Ep. 45: Who's Wife? Who's Mother?

October 16, 2018

Episode 45: Whose Mother, Whose Wife

“As a woman with ambition we are constantly told that we can’t have it all…”

Sound familiar?

Raise your hand if you’re a person of color and you’ve been devalued to mean only as much as your relationship or marital status? Raise your hand if you’re a woman of color and people have made you feel as if you haven’t made it in life because you haven’t become someone’s wife?

You may be in your car, or at home, or listening while at work but you can imagine how many hands would be raised around you.

This week’s episode gets real, and not the kind of real where we are fighting adversities in the classroom, no, this type of real hits home, literally. Allanté takes us on a field trip into her personal life where she discusses moments where society invalidated her worth as a woman. Prepare to be triggered.

Turn up your headphones for this week’s Lessons from the Trap. It’s not trap music but you are going to feel it on a spiritual level. Swedish recording artist Seniabo Sey’s hit song “I owe you Nothing,” is a anthem like no other.