Blk + In Grad School

Blk + In Grad School

Ep 42: Annoying AF

September 18, 2018

Let’s talk credentials. If you’re finishing up your graduate school application, you need to take a

good look at what you put together. Will the admissions council know what you’re bringing to the

table? This week’s episode gives you the ingredients for creating and submitting a strong

application. From having a well put together curriculum vitae to taking the admissions council on

a journey through your research and experience, Allante’ lists exactly what you need to stand up

and stand out amongst your competition. Take notes when listening in for this recipe of success,

we all know how missing one step can completely ruin the perfect meal. Don’t have time to write

it down because you’re always on the go like Allante’? Sign up for her seven-day e-mail

course, “Get to Grad School" at which covers credentials as well.

This week’s episode title comes from a Twitter follower @emmajean_b who asked for tips on

dealing with people who are, to be frank, ANNOYING AF!

Allante’ prefers to use noise canceling headphones. How do you deal? Let Allante know on

twitter @blkingradschool!

This week’s Lesson’s from the Trap come from an oldie but goodie “Lose My Mind,” by DMX.

Channel your inner gangster on your noise-canceling headphones when everyone - your

teachers, peers, family members, significant other, whoever gets on your very last nerve.