Blacks with Power| Make America Great through Black Power

Blacks with Power| Make America Great through Black Power

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Where is the Justice? Questions in following the Black Church
June 19, 2020

Man-oh-Man! It's been a journey getting back into the swing of things... The last episode of Blacks with Power came out in May of 2018. It's been OVER TWO years... I've forgotten a to set up all my equipment. How to record properly.

White Supremacy will only end at the hands of Black Power
May 15, 2018

When it all comes down to it, the end came is dismantling White supremacy... - There is no justice in this world... - There is no Beloved Community, so long as White supremacy has breadth. - Right? - But how do we put White supremacy to an end?

Black Redemption: The Foundation of True Racial Reconciliation
May 01, 2018

All the talk about racial reconciliation ignores the role of Black redemption. And, without Black redemption there is no way to achieve racial reconciliation that is anything more than further conditioning Black people to become reconciled to their own...

Wakanda & Ethiopia: The Myth and the Hope of Black Power
April 17, 2018

Wakanda forever was the cry... - But forever is such a very long time. And our attention spans are so short. Yet, there's such hope in Wakanda-mania. It shows us the great potential of when a myth becomes reality... -

Black Christianity is the Authentic Christian Witness of America
April 03, 2018

Wade in the River to receive your Black Power

Ancient Egypt & Lessons on Black Identity in America
March 20, 2018

How this understanding transforms Black Power

Black Power Mission: Dismantling White Supremacy
March 06, 2018

In publishing my book, Black Power: Our God-Given Call to Make America Great, I ended up taking a hiatus from producing this podcast. And that hiatus has helped reframe the show in transformative ways! And in this episode,

Afro-Latinos: The Forgotten Hispanics…the Forgotten Blacks
January 16, 2018

Orlando Addison of the Gamboa Project Explores the Contributions of Afro-Latinos to Hispanic Culture

Public Health, Policy & Black Empowerment with Okey Enyia
December 04, 2017

Advancing the Black Community through a cohesive social-economic-political agenda

Fear of a Black Identity
November 19, 2017

Black identity has always been threatening to American Society. It's long been debated and suppressed. Black folk ourselves are the worst purveyors of this fear of a Black identity, because at several checkpoints in our American sojourn we have - en ma...