A vision of a world built with integrity.

A vision of a world built with integrity.

#46 KHANDIZ JONI - a sustainable beauty leader and chartered environmentalist who uses creativity to challenge existing ways of thinking and doing

February 18, 2022

Khandiz is a registered Chartered Environmentalist and an accomplished international creative and sustainability strategist who helps businesses and individuals to transform their vision into one that stimulates social, environmental and economic cohesion.

Today, Khandiz runs her business, Vujà Dé (meaning: approaching old problems with a new perspective) Creative Solutions from her home in northwest London. Being a multidisciplinary artist gives her a distinctive way of seeing the world that enables her clients to see things through a different lens, and in turn, it helps them innovate, challenge, and lead.

Khandiz who describes herself as a ‘Creative Sustainableist’ has been instrumental in leading the beauty industry towards a more sustainable approach through the many businesses and projects she has created.

In this podcast we hear all about Khandiz’s journey from growing up in Cape Town, South Africa to what changed when she discovered mineral makeup in America and what it’s like to use creativity as a tool to challenge existing ways of thinking and doing. We also explore why she chose to become a Chartered Environmentalist and learn about her human-centric vision to communicate the nested model of sustainability.

In addition to Vujà Dé Creative Solutions Khandiz has created several businesses and projects with include:


Founding Member & Managing Partner, Conscious Beauty Union: CBU was founded by five leading conscious beauty experts – Khandiz Joni, Lou Dartford, Nat Van Zee, Sjaniël Turrell and Tahira Herold – in late 2018. CBU supports beauty professionals to develop a sustainable practice through ongoing education in sustainability, ethics and health and wellbeing – for us, our clients and the Planet.

Founder of The I AM IMPACT Project; ongoing collaborative art project exploring the human impact on our fragile planetary boundaries.


Co-founder, Managing Partner, Creative Director, Novel Beings: the first agency to exclusively represent stylists, hair and makeup artists, prop and food stylists who worked with a sustainable practice in the film, fashion and advertising industries. Plus, A Novel Approach: an award-winning boutique creative agency and sustainability think-tank that works with sustainable fashion brands and organisations like Birdsong and Fashion Revolution.

Founder Untainted Magazine: a directional beauty platform, pushing the boundaries of clean beauty.