A vision of a world built with integrity.

A vision of a world built with integrity.

#36 GEORGE MACPHERSON - from Maggie Marilyn to New Standard Institute; shaping consumer-focused, impactful brands that continue to resonate

October 29, 2020

Since his late teens, George MacPherson has worked hard to hone his communications craft. Starting out in public relations (PR) in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, George worked his way to London via Leeds University and later worked for world-renowned fashion brands and PR agencies including STARWORKS Group. George has made it his business to not only anticipate what’s relevant right now but, helps shape consumer-focused, impactful brands that continue to resonate with media and communities.

In 2016 George founded GWM Consulting, which today, based in New York works with well respected (thanks in part to George) fashion brands, particularly those with a sustainable focus, such as Maggie Marilyn. Alongside fashion brands who make physical products, GWM also works with companies who are challenging fashion’s status quo. ‘Think and do tank’ New Standard Institute are ‘using data and the power of citizens to turn the fashion industry into a force for good’, whilst climate action magazine Atmos are creating a new narrative between climate and culture.

GWM’s partnership-driven approach focuses on building long-lasting relationships between brands, consumers and media. Rather than keeping stakeholders separate, GWM facilitates knowledge exchange. This forms an ecosystem of connected, trusted individuals and companies with a deep understanding that can help each other.

Traditionally, PR would perhaps be used to launch a product or as an add on to gain media coverage in a bid to boost sales. Over the past few years, we have seen communications and marketing becoming more integrated early on in businesses. Often, we see comms experts working directly with founders and start-ups from day one. There are clear benefits to this approach including; a stronger product-market fit, an organic community can be built early on which leads to an already engaged and ready to buy customer base.

This movement has undoubtedly been accelerated by the need to work on digital campaigns even ahead making any product, due to the time it takes to produce digital content and also the increased pressure to make it look incredible and perform well. In addition, as a result of the climate crisis, the fashion industry needs to reassess if we should actually be making physical products at all. Moving from a product to service or experience-led industry is something that provides some exciting opportunities, yet will be hard for most of the industry to contemplate. As we contemplate what’s next for fashion and how we communicate with each other we invited George to share his thoughts on where the industry is heading.

In this podcast our founder Jodi Muter-Hamilton, talks to George about;

His journey from working in public relations in Newcastle-upon-tyne (also our founders birth town!) to studying in Leeds, and moving to London and New York

- How the PR and communications landscape has changed over time

- Why trust is crucial to building long-lasting relationships between media, brands and consumers

- Some of the incredible brands that GWM is helping to shape and connect with consumers





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