Black In All White

Black In All White

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"It Ain't ALL Bad"
April 03, 2020

In this shorter episode, I talk about how my time at my school isn't riddled with negativity, but there have been some very bright spots. I also throw in a personal little thank you to somebody for helping me realize this. --- This episode is sponsored

"It's Just A Word"
March 27, 2020

Today, I talk about the n-word, the n-word pass, and what it has done to me in this short school year. I share stories about how I have heard people say it, and the regret I have in not acting against it. This episode is a sensitive topic, so if you are u

March 26, 2020

Welcome to my new series. I'll be discussing my encounters as a black teenager in a predominantly white community. If this intrigues you, join me as I detail all the events in the current 9 months I have been on this adventure. --- This episode is spon