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Black Girl Fit Files

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The Rise of Black Talent in the Pole Industry with Yung Pole Master
March 16, 2023

In this episode, we have our first guy on the show. Miles Woods has been the first male in many categories of pole dance and beyond. We discuss their early start at the age of 18 and getting started i

Unleashing Confidence Through Intention Setting with Jackie Smith
February 08, 2023

Today we talk with Jackie Smith founder and Chief Confidence Maker of Spice Pole & Aerial Fitness. We talk about Studio ownership and building the business through confidence and intention. This d

Setting Boundaries for Yourself: Rest, Don't Quit
February 02, 2023

After the exhausting year of 2022, it's time to rest! No wonder everyone around me is in an exhausted state. This gave me a chance to think, "What does it actually look like to quit?" Is this quitting

Build a relationship with your body and heal on purpose with Yulinda Renee
July 27, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Yulinda Renee of Mind Your Mental. We discuss being a sex therapist and feeling sexy with pole dance. We will be switching things up and the questions will go both ways i

Allow Others to Show Up for You with Dalijah Franklin
July 14, 2022

In a world where we are constantly being pulled in a million different directions, it's important to remember to allow others to show up for us. We can't do everything alone, and that's okay. Asking f

How to Take Your Injury Prevention with Dalijah Franklin
July 06, 2022

Injury prevention is a vital part of keeping your body healthy and functioning properly. From slips and falls to not knowing when to sit the hell down, there are many ways we can get hurt. But with so

Throwback to Nicole The Pole Discussing Becoming a Life Coach
June 16, 2022

In this episode, we throw back to episode 25 with Nicole The Pole. In this snip, Nicole The Pole Williams talks about transitioning to becoming a life coach through manifesting the steps to create the

Recognizing your Power with Dalijah Franklin
June 09, 2022

Do you have goals to grow your business to the next level? In this solo episode, Dalijah talks about the power we have within and how to project our goals and make them happen. Create audacious goals

Women's Nutrition and Whole Body Health with Dietitian Valerie Agyeman
June 02, 2022

Are you interested in women's nutrition and whole body health! Valerie Agyeman, Registered Dietitian and creator of The Flourish Heights, is on a mission to help women feel their best selves through s

Utilizing Holistic Medicine and Fitness To Better Your life with Coach Cass
May 25, 2022

Coach Cass's philosophy is that holistic wellness comes from a combination of physical, mental, and dietary wellness. By taking this approach to health and fitness, she helps her clients achieve their