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Marcus Murphy
May 08, 2021

Our guest today on the Coal Face Stories Podcast, left his dream job, working with a great team of people he loved, making great money with great job security. In order to create his vision and start his own business at the sametime as moving his famil...

Tony Vee
May 03, 2021

Our special guest today Tony Vee, spent 30 years drifting along running the family business. Before he had a life changing realisation that there was so much more to life.

Dylan Ogline
May 02, 2021

Digital nomad

Allan Roberts
April 30, 2021

Alan Roberts is Author, Coach, speaker,mentor, charity fundraiser, was well as being an inspiration. Hes always looking at the bright side of life. He refuses to let the curve balls life throws his w

How A Pen Changed My Life
April 30, 2021

or how a left handed dyslexic fell in love with writing with a fountain pen In this coffee break episode I describe how I was traumatized at school by being forced to write with a fountain pen and how 40 years later I overcame this and fell in love wit...

Nick James - Coal Face Stories
April 30, 2021

Nick James is well known as an entrepreneur and public speaker whos not only created and founded multiple six and seven figure businesses. But he is also the visionary who redefined business events i

5 Tips to Avoid Stress and Overwhelm
April 30, 2021

Coal Face Stories Coffee Break Episode

Jenny Kovacs
April 30, 2021

In this episode we welcome Jenny Kovacs, the Queen of Being Seen, who a well regarded coach, trainer, businesswoman, and speaker to the podcast. Shes regularly appeared on BBC Radio throughout the

Stuck for Words
April 30, 2021

Coal face stories coffee break

WOW the Coal Face Stories Podcast will be live Tomorrow
April 29, 2021

enjoy a few teasers are what you can expect over the next week