The Biz Balance Podcast

The Biz Balance Podcast

Episode 20: Sarah Campbell and Pivoting

April 17, 2020

Have you ever felt like you're leaving money on the table in in your business? We hear so much these days about niching down and pursuing our ideal client avatar, which is wonderful and all, but what if you could find a way to serve an extended audience in a way that met them where they were but didn't add too much to your plate? Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs did just that.

When she started Intrigue Designs, her focus was on the high end wedding market. The weddings she designed were overflowing with thousands upon thousands of blooms. Her designs pushed the limits of what floral design could be. But what about those clients who didn't have the budget to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding florals? How could she serve them? And that's where Pops of Plumb came in!

What is Pops of Plumb? Pops of Plumb is an exclusively online way to shop for wedding flowers. Sarah recreated her most popular wedding designs and condensed them into collections. These packages were designed to be a la carte where brides and grooms can curate their own custom wedding packages. No fuss, no stress...brilliant! I'm seriously considering adding a model like this to my own business!

Sarah started a Facebook group for floral designers, Intrigue Teaches (back before Facebook groups were cool!) and it has been amazing opportunity for designers to connect, share and elevate each other. She also created a Covid19 Recovery Guide, specifically for floral designers, to help guide them through this time of uncertainty.

Karen: If you could go back to the very start of your entrepreneurial journey and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Sarah: You are as beautiful as you are projecting yourself to be. Put yourself and your personality front and center on your social, website, marketing all of it and the market will respond in a major way.

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