Bingeworthy: Mr. Robot

Bingeworthy: Mr. Robot

1: Season 1 Primer

August 31, 2015

Dan, Haddie, and Maggie talk about season 1 of Mr. Robot - no spoilers! We give you some things to think about while bingewatching from the music, cinematography, to character motives, and more.

The Mr. Robot Hydration Game

Please hydrate responsibly. Take a drink every time:

Anybody says “Evil Corp”.
Elliot blows something up in his microwave.
Adds a CD to his collection.
Mr. Robot smokes a cigarette.
Tyrell speaks Swedish.
Somebody breaks into an apartment.
You witness drug use.
Somebody hugs/tries to hug Elliot.
The dog has to be taken outside.
Elliot puts up his hoodie.
and...FINISH YOUR DRINK every time Joanna does something she probably shouldn’t do while pregnant.

Tune in to the Wrap Up episode after you finish season 1 to confirm all your theories, and go in-depth to the world of Mr. Robot. #AreYouStillWatching?