Billy Diamond's Branding For Entertainers Podcast

Billy Diamond's Branding For Entertainers Podcast

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BFE EP29: The Invisible Cape: The Evel Hero
September 30, 2022

IN THIS EPISODEThis is the kickoff of season two of The Branding For Entertainers Podcast. Lets talk about our heroes. We all have them and sometimes its hard to avoid emulating them. Well take a look at how to become the hero of your own brand. Well

BFE EP28: Could I Reintroduce Myself... Again
August 16, 2022

The BFE Podcast has been MIA (missing in action) for a few months but we're not gone! Get ready for a brand new listening experience as we move toward seasonal-themed episodes.Listen to this episode so that we can get you up to speed with what's

BFE EP27: The One-Legged Man with Mark Gindick
February 26, 2022

IN THIS EPISODEWe return with guest Mark Gindick (physical comedian, clown, and actor) where he reminds us that we are in the service business and also that the person that we bring on stage is always the star. That came about because of a story that he t

BFE EP26: The Wing-Man: Without Words with Mark Gindick
February 12, 2022

IN THIS EPISODEOftentimes our verbal (brand) messaging is just an afterthought. How we communicate that part of our brand is important for our buyer, our audiences, and our fans. Guest Mark Gindick is an actor, physical comedian, and clown. He talks about

BFE EP25: Your Brand On Social Media with Landon Harvey
February 06, 2022

IN THIS EPISODEWe take a peek into the why and how of virtual branding (your online presence) with special guest Landon Harvey. As a ventriloquist, Landon has over 1 million followers on TikTok and thousands on other social media platforms. RESOURCES WORT

BFE EP24: Stop Promoting Like A Busy Billboard
January 28, 2022

Photos are a big part of your visual branding image. How & when to use them is even more important to understand. Billy Diamond talks about why you might not want to use a photo of yourself on your stage banners or backdrops.

BFE EP23: Branding Is Bite Size
November 21, 2021

Branding doesnt have to feel overwhelming. You can do little bite-size things that will put you on the right course. In this episode, Billy walks you through some more powerful branding and marketing tips that you can use right away to strengthen your br

BFE EP22: Branding Is Like Eating Cake
November 06, 2021

Do you know and understand the 4 ingredients that go into making your brand stand out? In this episode, Billy walks you through the key ingredients and then also gives you three additional tips that others in your field probably are not taking the time to

BFE EP21: Channeling Publicity Like Houdini, with Carnegie - The Magic Detective
October 31, 2021

Harry Houdini was an entertainer who created major publicity and even his name has become legendary --- even 95 years after his death. He was a master at planting brand perception in the minds of his audience. In this episode, we talk with magician and ma

BFE EP20: From School Teacher to Comedian, with Sharon Lacey
August 31, 2021

Follow the journey of a middle school teacher as she strived to become a national comedy club headliner.Check out Sharon's website at sharonlaceycomedy.comSharon has visited Uganda, Africa four times. She performs comedy for Ugandan audiences and del