Visual Friends Radio - The Visual Facilitation Podcast

Visual Friends Radio - The Visual Facilitation Podcast

Let's letter together with Heather Martinez

February 07, 2019

A couple of words about Heather Martinez. Heather likes to live in the countryside and currently lives in Durango, Colorado in the USA. Heather is a visual practitioner and graphic recorder but is also an Agile guy like me or Danny.

She spends a lot of her time running virtual lettering classes for visual practitioners on where you can improve your lettering skills on a 1:1 based via Zoom. Additionally, she will be offering 2 online courses associated with her new book and a Level Up Your Lettering starting in the spring.

In parallel, she runs her coaching practice where she offers life and art life coaching to artists. Here Heather believes that everyone can become an artist!

We talk about her whole life from the beginning where she grew up, where she chose to live and how she got into graphic facilitation. We learn how it feels being graphically recorded for the first time herself and what we as graphic recorders might need to consider when recording someone talk.

Last but not least, we talk about her new book which will have the title the ‘Lettering Journey’. Here she has a great plan for how she creates this book: She travels Europe and teaches lettering across Europe over the next month. As part of the training, she will take the participants out of the training room into the environment, walk the streets and look for the greatest street signs to practice together. Please have a look at her travel schedule here:

London: Wednesday, February 20 (fully booked)
Amsterdam: Saturday, March 2 (fully booked)
New York: 1 Day Bikablo + 1 Day Lettering Workshops, April 12-13
San Francisco: Level Up Your Lettering with Heather Martinez, May 30-31
Other locations may include:
Cologne, Braunschweig, and Frankfurt in Germany in early March.
Locations to be announced, Please email Heather for details.

Now you might think Europe is far away and I can’t travel right now!  - Here we are delighted that Heather has confirmed to be our keynote speaker for VizConf 2019. Additionally, she will also run a pre-conference course about lettering the day before VizConf and might even take everyone on a lettering tour through Melbourne.

Stay tuned and make sure you get your Visual Friends newsletter updates so that you don’t miss the spot in her class.