Bigger Brothers

Bigger Brothers

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#6 What's in a name?
February 26, 2019

Ian and Paul discuss the origins of their social media handles and talk about some of the mistakes people make when starting to get into exerxise as well as the usual fitness banter Ian's socials: Instagram: Websi

#5 Totally Ninja'd
February 09, 2019

The boys talk about their trip to Total Ninja for Paul's daughters birthday as well discuss all things fitness and self improvement Ian's socials: Instagram: Website - YouTube - http

#4 We're so relatable bro
February 04, 2019

Paul and Ian talk about not being full time fitness professionals as well as some other random stuff Ian's socials: Instagram: Website - YouTube -

#3 Breathe Bitch!
January 28, 2019

Paul give Ian some advice on how to stop being a dirty mouth breather and answer questions on improving 1rm deadlift as well as address 'toning' and women with 'manly' arms Paul's Oxygen Advantage review: Kettlebell Swing instructi

#2 First attempt at Q&A
January 25, 2019

We chat about Ian's training program some more, Paul talks about tracking calories and the importance of blue light exposure for sleep. Then we try to answer some questions about the importance of rest days and creatine Ian's socials: Instagram: www.insta

#1 Starting over
January 21, 2019

Ian and Paul discuss what they've been up to lately and go over some of the Training Paul has programmed for Ian as well as waffle about for a bit Ian's socials: Instagram: Website -