Big Data Beard

Big Data Beard

Data science for everyone with DataGig's data scientist market place

March 12, 2019

Recorded at the Data Science Salon in Austin, Cory Minton and Brett Roberts sit down with Eunice Chendjou, CEO and founder of DataGig, a startup that aims to help organizations of all sizes gain access to data scientists for help in building out their data analytics and AI use cases.  DataGig was founded to help address two critical gaps: organizations needing access to data scientists for some projects but can’t afford to hire in-house and newly minted data scientists unable to find employment due to lack of real world experience.  Eunice explains that DataGig acts as the match maker between the companies and data scientists or data engineers to help place the right expertise for the right use case.  Cory and Brett also ask Eunice about some of the trends she is seeing in the world of AI and analytics.

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