Big Meeting!

Big Meeting!

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Bob and Blackadder Extended Universe (with Gabrielle Glaister)
November 17, 2020

The wonderful Gabrielle Glaister (Bob off of Blackadder) bravely contends with Adrian and Pete’s latest movie ideas. Will she sign up for a backwards Columbo story, getting trapped in IKEA with Idris Elba or running amok in Paris with Enya? There’s only o

Cress Issues (with Jacob Dudman and Elisha Applebaum)
July 25, 2020

Actors Jacob Dudman and Elisha Applebaum attempt the mental gymnastics required to comprehend zero gravity chili pranks, back-alley playing card hawkers and the quite unprecedented TORNADOID. Catch Jacob in Medici on Netflix and look out for Elisha in Fat

Birds of a Feather was a Doctor Who Spin Off (With Sophie Aldred - Ace from Doctor Who)
June 04, 2020

Doctor Who's Ace, Sophie Aldred, must feel like she's slipped into an alternate dimension as Pete and Adrian bombard her with ridiculous pitches. How far would she go to rid the world of pins and needles? Will she dream-quest with John Hamm? And did the D

Good Moaning Bog Mooting (with Arthur Bostrom, Allo Allo’s Officer Crabtree)
October 03, 2019

Legendary comedy actor Arthur Bostrom (who first found fame on classic BBC comedy Allo Allo) inexplicably agrees to meet Adrian and Pete at the top of the Radio City Tower in Liverpool. How will he react to recycled vampires, pole-vaulting time travellers

Morris Dancing vs Capoeira (with Selina Lim)
August 27, 2019

BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Selina Lim agrees to help Adrian and Pete develop their latest movie ideas. But will she sorely regret that decision after sitting through concepts that include: Elizabeth Moss trying to cut hair with a kitchen whisk, Phoebe W

Claymation Dentist Crimes (with Melody Bridges)
July 28, 2019

Five meetings in, and no sales. Pete and Adrian need help. Luckily, writer/director/film expert Melody Bridges has agreed to give them her advice. What notes will she have on ideas that range from a thrilling but emotional typewriter drama based in Bury

The Lost Pitches 2
July 18, 2019

Extra-special bonus episode! Listen in to another one of Adrian and Pete's pre-meeting creative brainstorms, in which they discuss potential movie pitch ideas. This time, concepts under discussion include Drake and Michael Palin running a dry cleaning bus

Survivalist Streetfood (with Tracy Forsyth)
May 29, 2019

Would you let Idris Elba poke around your home? We would. Things get real as Adrian and Pete try to get their factual entertainment ideas commissioned by Tracy Forsyth (Creative Mentor, Channel4 Indie Growth Fund, Producer, Women In Film & TV Mentoring Sc

The Lost Pitches
April 17, 2019

In this special bonus episode, listen in to one of Adrian and Pete's pre-meeting brainstorms, in which they throw around film pitches to each other in the hopes of finding solid gold ideas. Hear the details of pitches including John Goodman building a rob

HYPNOCROWN (with Kate Bromage and Anna Jane Carling)
March 27, 2019

A new comedy podcast for movie lovers.Adrian and Pete have been posting ideas for movies to their Tumblr for years.Finally theyve got a series of big meetings with real film industry people the tr