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Webcast: Atomic Purple Team Framework and Life Cycle
July 30, 2020

Jordan Drysdale & Kent Ickler // Jordan and Kent are back again to continue strengthening organizations’ information security human capital (That’s all you folks!). Organization Leadership and Security Practitioners can gain understanding on the potent...

Webcast: What About Ransomware?
July 13, 2020

This is a joint webcast between Black Hills Information Security and the Wild West Hackin’ Fest conference. We hate ransomware. Like a lot. This is because we feel this is the future of cyber attacks. If you look at the recent cases and the newish vers...

Webcast: Modern Webapp Pentesting: How to Attack a JWT
June 29, 2020

So much information about testing webapps for security problems is old. Don’t get me wrong, the old stuff still works way more often than we’d like, but there’s more to webapp vulnerabilities than cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

Webcast: IPv6: How to Securely Start Deploying
June 24, 2020

Joff Thyer has dove into everything that is IPv6 and has so much to share about it. He gets really technical but in a way you’ll be able to understand. Google reports that over 30% of their systems access comes via the IPv6 protocol coming into 2020.

Webcast: Durable vs. Ephemeral Threat Intel
June 22, 2020

In this Black Hills Information Security webcast John breakdowns why he hates threat intelligence… Again… But, he breaks down some of the cool new projects that are focusing on durable threat intelligence. This is key because many intel feeds are nothi...

Webcast: A Blue Team’s Perspective on Red Team Hack Tools
June 08, 2020

Kent and Jordan are back to continue their journey to make the world a better place. This time around, they will be reviewing a series of tools commonly used on pentests to identify flaws in Active Directory and general network design and implementatio...

Webcast: How to Hunt for Jobs like a Hacker
June 03, 2020

Job hunting? Looking for a career change? Still in college and want to know how to get started now in your career? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this might be the BHIS webcast for you. This webcast is an update to Jason’s popular recor...

Webcast: Kerberos & Attacks 101
May 26, 2020

Join the BHIS Discord discussion server: We’re really excited to have a close member of our BHIS extended family, Tim Medin from Red Siege InfoSec, here for a webcast on Kerberos & Attacks 101.

Webcast: Free Tools! How to Use Developer Tools and Javascript in Webapp Pentests
May 06, 2020

I like webapps, don’t you? Webapps have got to be the best way to learn about security. Why? Because they’re self-contained and so very transparent. You don’t need a big ol’ lab before you can play with them.

Webcast: How to Build a Home Lab
April 27, 2020

This is a joint webcast from Black Hills Information Security and Active Countermeasures. How many of us have tried some new configuration option, utility, or hardware on a production environment, only to crash a critical piece of the business?