Beyond Your Money

Beyond Your Money

Breaking Down Financial Jargon: Understanding the Basics of Financial Literacy (Ep. 21)

November 09, 2023

The truth is that not everyone across the United States knows about money, savings, and retirement planning. In fact, the average 65-year-old has yet to save for retirement.

Mike Dukovich wants to help change that…

This week, Mike explores the importance of financial literacy, budgeting, understanding credit, managing debt, and retirement planning. Mike highlights the lack of financial education in the US while stressing the need for individuals to have the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions.

Mike discusses:

  • The reality of financial education for people of all ages, including high school and college students 
  • The value of saving early on and ways investing what you save can help you down the road 
  • The difference between good and not-so-good debt
  • His financial advice for parents and their college children 
  • The nuances of investing 
  • Why you should always seek professional financial advice
  • And more!


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